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Are you a company, association or an individual entrepreneur that would like to bring your vision to life? If this project is about soils, food security or prosperity creation, you’ve found the right place! Lebensgrund is there for you to achieve your goals systematically and with ease.

Ground of Life

Soils are a revelation.
Immersing into their secrets not only teaches us about how to grow healthy potatoes. They are the epitome of living beauty and bear testimony from whom they were made.

Food Security

Soils give growth and life.
Those who ally with their soil, who strive to really understand it, will be rewarded with food, abundantly and permanently. Sustainable food security can only be achieved in healthy soils.

Prosperity Creation

Prosperity begins in soils.
The preservation and upgrading of our livelihood is the foundation on which prosperity arises. We are called upon to be vigilant and draw the right lessons from it.


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South Sudan

We thank God that Jan was able to join us in Naliel in 2021! We were given about 10 hectares of land in 2020. On one part of it we are building a missionary station. For the other part, we sought expert support for agricultural use.

It was a pleasure to do a land evaluation with him to understand where we could grow which crops at best. We really liked the resulting concept for a demo garden. Jan took into account everything that was important to us for our work. He brought confirmation and fresh ideas into the project that we had not in mind before. We were not aware of dead insects making up a very good fertilizer, which is abundant and freely available.

The expansion of the demo garden is progressing well. The water supply has been in place since 2023 and the first crops could already be harvested in 2022. Jan is a great blessing to us and we thank him for his guidance and valuable service to us!

Mark & Lonah Keter
Seeking the Lost Mission – SLM

As a young and dynamic service provider for the green industry, we create knowledge and evidence for companies and organizations. Products in application and their impact on plants, soil and environment as well as conformity checks for the European CE-label are our core competencies.

With Lebensgrund at our side, we are working to build an expanded marketing & sales concept for BexBioTec.
The last workshop we had on the persona analysis of our customer base was highly constructive with quite a few bright moments and a renewal of motivation of the whole team.

Dr. Rebecca Melcher
BexBioTec GmbH & Co KG
Nigeria – Germany

In preparation for our model project in Nigeria for a mobile food processing plant (MFPP), we received expert support from Jan Mühlena in analyzing ideas, designing the project and raising needed funds. We thank him very much for his strong commitment and the acquisition of the maximum amount of funding from the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (SEZ) in 2016.

Today, the MFPP approach is experiencing great acceptance among the rural population, is financially self-sustaining, and is now receiving attention in the national strategy for strengthening the agricultural sector as a success model for rural areas.

We are pleased that Jan Mühlena supported our work in Nigeria in such a valuable way with his profound expertise.

Benny Ulmer
Village Pioneer Project e.V.

Lebensgrund Consulting has been supporting us in selected R&D projects since 2019, most recently in a collaborative project on effective microorganisms in tree substrates. It was great having Jan with his expertise at our side!

He is well organized, holds super helpful specialist knowledge, but what I appreciate most is his dedication and personal commitment.

Benjamin Pefferkorn
Terre Suisse Ltd

With Jan’s technical expertise, his open and constructive advice, we were able to make great strides forward in the development and marketing of our organic fertilizer.
The way we have worked together so far can best be described as ‘professionally experienced, helpful, proactive and thinking outside the box’. Absolutely georgeous!

We really appreciate the support and look forward to further projects with Lebensgrund Consulting!

Charlotte Ochsenfahrt
madebymade GmbH

We are VOGT company, and supply technical equipment and soil injection technology to loosen soils and inject vitalizing soil additives directly into the ground.
We work together with Lebensgrund when it comes to projects that are carried out by tree care specialists all around Europe that use our technology.

There lies profound substance in the cooperation with Lebensgrund Consulting.

Andreas Brehm

As a system provider for soil injection technology and soil upgrading, the main topic of terra fit is about healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy people. In seminars, we offer our Terra fit partners and interested experts of the professional tree care branch further training in theory and practice. They learn about soil injection technologies and soil additives for optimal tree growth even at challenging locations.

We know Jan since 2018 and have already been able to experience his work in a few seminars and a project in product validation & sciences. Our terra fit partners received great benefit from this. We are all looking forward to our next meeting with Jan here in Pfaffendorf.

Manfred Brehm
terrafit GmbH

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