My offer of product validation & sciences is aimed at companies and organizations that want to align their actions with valid numbers, data and facts and thus raise their marketing to a higher level. I accompany you in this process and advise you and your team in the conceptual design, during the implementation and publishing campaigns.

  • Capacity analysis and conceptual set-up (remote or on-site)
  • Networking to required cooperation partners in the necessary specialist areas
  • My support and promotion for scientific joint-ventures on national and international parquet
  • Support in statistical result analysis, interpretation and data preparation for and with the relevant departments
  • Consultancy in an effective internal and external communication and knowledge management

A number of influencing factors of a surrounding environment and the complexity of multi-dimensional systems, as we observe in soils, make it rather difficult to make the leap from theory to practice, from laboratory scale to the field. As a company, your stakeholder-oriented attitude demands a high degree of reliability, reproducible validity and transferability into new systems – in other words: product validation and evidence-based marketing. Count me in when it is about supporting you.