As project manager, I support you and your team in the successful implementation of your projects related to soils, substrates, food security and prosperity creation.

My consultancy and support cover the complete project process, but also desired partial sections therein:

There are problems, where there is no apparent solution available. This is often the case with complex factual issues, a lack of know-how or a shortage of specialist personnel.

By the help of participative methods, we approach their grounds, formulate possible solutions, create a project outline and then evaluate it for sustainability and feasibility. At the same time, these steps are the entry point of the project’s conceptualization process.

It is essential that ideas and approaches to solutions are translated into an obvious project outline and thus defined as clearly as possible. On this basis, a project concept is developed.

For fundraising goals and in the interest of your own team, a logical and clean project concept is the prerequisite for successful fund acquisition and a solid project implementation. A solid project planning enables a coordinated and predictable project implementation within the team, that includes black-on-white process flows, individual responsibilities and communication channels.

I support you in the development of a technically sound project concept and a dedicated project plan.



The project’s conceptual framework and the deriving project plan are created in a kick-off meeting, as a team, based on the SMART criteria:


  • Objectives and Actions
  • Timelining
  • Timely sequencing of the work packages to be completed
  • Indicators for the final project evaluation
  • Budget planning
  • Clear workload distribution
  • Definition of responsibilities and use of resources
  • Provision of an individual documentation bundle, if required

In some cases, project designs are in-line with protocol guidelines and requirements of donors, such as government agencies and public foundations. These specifications (mandatory guidelines) provide good guidance, but usually only require the project concept and not a project plan. However, the project plan is an essential basis for a smooth project implementation without any unpleasant surprises.

If the acquisition of funds is a mandatory prerequisite for the implementation of your project, I will support you in preparing a dedicated project plan in compliance with the grant notice (see next point Fundraising).

Public grants or funds from private sources are often the only way to turn an idea into reality by the help of a project. The decision to use external resources is usually accompanied by a PR-Campaign. Because the donor is interested in bringing this project to the public. This also holds added value for yourself – your project is valuable! And it’s very good to have a lot of reporting and discussion about it.

I support you in the preparation of a project concept from scratch until the cake is bake. Upon request, you will receive support in the design of your public relations in social media, press and other media.

There is hardly any ideal project without moments of stress or accident. At some point during the process, there will be a need of steering the wheel. The helmsman is the person responsible for the project on your team, who has been defined in the project plan.

I’m available to you during the project implementation on a continuous basis and support you in your decision-making processes with my expertise, experience and contacts.

Your project success is important to me. In me you will find a contact person at any time who will provide you with remote and on-site assistance.

The success and impact of a project can be made measurable by means of indicators. These indicators have already been firmly anchored in the project concept before hand. For example, one such indicator is a percentage of children who can read and write after an educational project has been completed. Indicators are determined by field surveys during the ongoing project and at the end allow a clear statement about an achieved or not achieved new state and sometimes also the quality of the achieved new state.

I support you in identifying individual indicators tailored to the project and create the necessary documents for field deployment in cooperation with your team. Furthermore, you will receive support in the subsequent evaluation with the help of statistical methods.

The final project evaluation based on the analysis of results is a key component for documentation and must not be missing in any project. Not only does it identify the objectives that have been achieved; the data obtained is of highest value for public relation campaigns and follow-up projects. Projects funded by public grants in whole or in part require mandatory use of indicators and final documentation efforts.

This topic already referred to under Fundraising can also be added as an individual consultancy value within the framework of projects that have already been completed in the past.

You will receive my advice and support to take your project results to the public to generate reach, for example in magazines, social media, at conferences or trade shows.

In cooperation with Lebensgrund partners from the PR industry, I will advise you on your goals, support your team in the design of PR material and, if necessary, may connect you to relevant media and people from my professional network.

You find more information oabout this in the Workshops & Lectures section of Lebensgrund Consultancy.