As a TÜV-certified quality manager in the ISO 9001:2015 standard, I advise and support you in the planning and implementation of your QM projects – expertly and value-oriented.

Quality management according to ISO 9001 is of increasing importance in the green sector and organizations of international collaboration to improve respective processes and to significantly reduce costs.

For various reasons, more than 90% of QM projects fail, either before a QM project has started or shortly after it has begun, which especially occurs when there has never been a QM system applied before. In most cases, this is due to the true attitude and self-image of strategic and operative management personelle and also often because of the sheer complexity of the organizational structures that have grown over time organically.

What is the basic requirement for successful QM?

Total Quality Management (TQM) always starts within the management as a guiding figure and role model for the rest of the corporate apparatus as a 100% commitment in thinking and doing. This is the only way TQM (the process of change) can succeed at all! ISO 9001 is the way to get there.

I support you:

  • Start-Up consulting for a successful entry into the topic of quality management according to ISO 9001:2015
  • A systematic project consultancy (see service offer project management) with methods from Total Quality Management
  • Long-term support and supervision in your continuous improvement process as a company and organization
  • Consultancy in the systematic, project-related development and implementation of a holistic QM system in your company
  • Consultancy in TQM and process optimization projects within the organizational and operational structure.

The entrepreneurial will of a continuous improvement is animated by the intrinsic desire of the same, for oneself and for the entrepreneurial environment one has influence on.

If you understand this sentence, you are ready for QM.