The key to new prosperity

The prerequisite for sustainable innovation is access to markets to sell the goods or services that you can offer yourself and to get the things you need. Why is that?

Starting from the land, value creation through the cultivation of food crops or the extraction and sale of natural resources out of the ground is the first link in the value chain. If you are successful by applying innovation, the change from demand-driven to competition-driven action takes place. This process can take a very long time and does not necessarily mean a complete shift away from demand orientation. Subsistence orientation is meaningful and a culturally valuable asset that must be protected.

It is through connection and participation towards other people in the marketplace that one holds the key to financial prosperity.

Prosperity as the very basis of sustainable innovation

In prosperity projects, access to markets and education is of very high importance. Only by connecting and participating in the local market, for example, by building a road, improving mobility, or simply hold the ability to read and calculate, one hold the key to competitive innovation and financial prosperity. Access to improved means of production is often the biggest hurdle during that stage, but so is access to sales markets for intentionally overproduced goods.

One of my first assignments as a consultant in this regard was the MFPP pilot project in Nigeria for the association Village Pioneer Project e.V and the NGO of the same name in Nigeria in Ondo and Ekiti State. Today, by the help of a mobile food processing plant as a reverse-paid service, the rural population is given access to markets to sell their overproduced food. A successful model of the VPP that has set a precedent in Nigeria.

In my mind, there is nothing more blissful than the realization that I am no longer missing anything, but that I could actively create it if I wanted to do so – either now or sometime in the future. Then economic growth would no longer be a pre-condition for new prosperity, it would just happen and it would happen sustainably. This is exactly what happens when I pray.

My offer includes support of R&D projects providing services of general project management, quality management according to ISO 9001:2015, marketing and sales support, workshops, trainings as well as product validation according to scientific standards.